Why Choose Us?

Our streamlined process and number of SMEs (subject matter experts) in each practice area have allowed us to be nimble. As a result, we are:

Extremely responsive and timelyWe pride ourselves on our responsiveness to questions or requests, generally same day. We issue final reports and workpapers within three weeks of audit completion. Office administrative staff are always available to assist. You won’t find responsive attention like this elsewhere.
Quality controlOur multi-stage internal review process ensures that your Board and Committee members are receiving the highest quality reports:
Stage 1: All of our reports are first reviewed by our Practice Directors, who also go through the workpapers to ensure they’re complete, accurate and in line with the audit report.
Stage 2: Each report then goes to our Quality Assurance department who ensure that the report is free of language errors and is formatted to our standards.
Stage 3: Our executives give each and every report a final, critical review before it is published.
Here to help youWe’re not just there to point out problems. We emphasize a collaborative approach to help formulate corrective action to address findings, to look for best practice opportunities, to prepare for changes in the pipeline, and to otherwise act as a partner. This means regular communication before, during and after each audit – to ensure smooth execution but also to share our knowledge and experience in any other ways that we can assist.
Here to save you moneyWe use a risk-based approach to determine where audit attention is most needed – for selecting the audits that need conducting each year and for the scope items that need covering within each audit. This will ensure the safe and sound operation of your institution and, equally important, the comfort and approval of your regulators. This approach allows our clients to save money by skipping what’s not necessary.
Sole focusFinancial institution risk management is the sole focus of our company. With a team of former bank regulators, executives, managers, and specialists, we ensure you get the in-depth service you won’t find at other general audit firms.
Management accessManagement, including our Practice Directors, stands ready to attend Audit Committee, Board or Management meetings. We are here to answer any questions or to provide advice, putting our deep industry knowledge, including regulatory familiarity, to good use for your benefit.
Information SecurityWe hold ourselves to the same high Information Security standards as we hold our clients to when we perform audit of their IT/IS controls. Our IS Policy is part of the due diligence package we provide clients; it outlines our business continuity plans, encryption requirements, data retention, and so on. We make available a highly effective client portal for securely sharing all required information. Our IT team is happy to discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have in this critically important realm.