AuditOne Webinar – Banking Risk and Control: What’s Important Now, What will be Important Post-COVID

AuditOne Webinar
From Bud Genovese, Chairman

AuditOne is pleased to invite you to attend a webinar we are hosting on Thurs., June 11th, 11 am PST, addressing risk and control issues associated with the current COVID disruptions and with whatever state of normality we return to in coming months. It will be hosted by our CEO, Jeremy Taylor, and will feature brief presentations from each of our Practice Directors, highlighting key developments/trends impacting their respective areas and the implications for audit. Besides specific COVID-related effects, we will also consider any major trends we were seeing pre-lockdown and what’s expected to persist post-COVID. We will move briskly through these presentations, to be wrapped up well before 12:30PM PST. We hope you’re able to join us, and please feel free to share this invitation with any others who may be interested. For those unable to join us next Thursday, we’ll be recording this and making it available afterwards on our website.

Here are some of the topics that our Practice Directors will discuss:

  • ALM: David Kellerman will assess the impact of the pandemic disruption and associated relief measures on financial institutions’ IRR, liquidity, investment and capital management.
  • Credit & Lending: Brock Williamson will go over the now quite different imperatives of portfolio monitoring in the COVID environment and how recent supervisory guidance can help.
  • Technology: Kevin Tsuei will discuss the latest tools to secure your cloud computing environment, laptop and remote VPN access, based on both regulatory guidance and industry best practice.
  • BSA/AML: Kevin Watson will consider the critical elements of the Five Pillars requirements and how COVID may affect your compliance with them.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer: Genelle Wrzesinski will review recent changes impacting her area (e.g., Reg. E, NACHA rules), significant audit trends evident pre-crisis, and the recent supervisory FAQs pertaining to these products, including pandemic effects.
  • Operations: Gary Andreini will discuss some of the higher-risk areas that have become even higher risk in the current environment and how to mitigate them.
  • Compliance: Celeste Burton will present a) recent regulatory changes of note, including those in response to the COVID disruptions, and b) what examiners and auditors are looking for in terms of a sound compliance program to manage those changes – in a volatile environment.

Thanks. -Bud

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