AuditOne’s Remote Audit Tools

How to join a video conference call or screen sharing session

We recommend using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser so you do not have to run the Microsoft Teams App.

  1. The link will be in the meeting invitation:
  1. Simply click on Join Microsoft Teams Meeting, and you will be directed to the page below. Click Join on the web instead to participate:
  1. You will have to choose Allow to enable your microphone and camera for the call. Afterward, please enter your name and click Join now:

Note for Microsoft Edge users: You might be prompted to let use your webcam and microphone, please select Yes:

Note: Your computer will need to have a camera and microphone to use the video conferencing feature. However, if you are only joining the screen sharing session, you can select Phone audio button to dial-in.

  1. You will be temporarily placed in a lobby. The host will admit you to the meeting shortly.
  1. After the host admits you into the meeting, please ensure you are not muted by checking the Microphone icon. If the icon has a diagonal line through it, you are muted. Please click on it to unmute yourself. You can also click on the Camera icon to enable your camera for video conferencing.

6. When the presenter is presenting his or her screen, Teams will automatically display the session on your browser windows.

How to share your screen

Note: Screen sharing is supported only on the Google Chrome Browser. Alternatively, you can click Download the Windows App when you join the meeting:

  1. Before you start the screen sharing session, please close any programs or applications that you do not plan to use for call.
  2. After you have joined the meeting, click the Share icon and select Sceenshare.
  1. Select the screen you want to start sharing and click on Share. You may choose individual Application Window or Your Entire Screen. If you plan to share multiple documents and Windows, we recommend sharing Your Entire Screen.
  1. To stop screen sharing, simply click on the Stop Sharing button.