AuditOne’s COVID-19 action plans

In the last few weeks, many clients have contacted us about our Pandemic Plan. Like many organizations, we are enforcing social distancing by performing audits remotely. We are fortunate that many of our audits can be performed offsite, due to our clients increasingly requesting such arrangements over many years in order to save on travel expenses and to their being able to generate in soft copy the materials we need to review. We are utilizing both Microsoft’s and Box Enterprise’s collaborative and communication tools to help provide secure remote audit services while keeping everyone safe. We have highlighted our remote audit capabilities using the info-graphic below:

In addition, we understand how strained human resources can be during these difficult times. At AuditOne, we have always believed in a collaborative approach; we are not here to check boxes and turn them into audit reports, but rather to help you. Whether this is conducting an audit around your availability or answering any questions you might have during these turbulent times, we are always here to assist. We have included a quick list of contacts below for your convenience:

Client Support Services: (562) 802-3581, option 1
Sales and Marketing: (562) 802-3581, option 2

You may also reach out to our individual Practice Directors using our contact form on the menu.